Membership fees of The Association consists of: (all fees are VAT Inclusive)

  • Full Members (owners or part owners of registered yachts) – TTD $1,200.00 annually
  • Family members – TTD $1,200.00 annually
  • Single members – TTD $900.00 annually
  • Overseas members – US $60.00 annually
  • Cadet members – TTD $270.00 annually (for kids and young adults to the age of 25 or until graduation from school/university. Parents do not have to be members)

Application: Membership is only available to residents/citizens of Trinidad & Tobago. All other persons are welcomed as overseas members. An application form must be proposed and seconded by two independent members. On approval, the new member must submit payment within 20 days. Payment must be paid in full at the beginning of the financial year (01 September)

Joining Fee:  All newly accepted members pay a joining fee of TTD $115.00 vat inclusive. There is no entry fee for cadets or children of members attaining full membership. Members who have suspended their membership do not pay a rejoining fee on reinstatement, subject to proper notice give previously.

Payment:  Membership dues cannot be paid in installments and must therefore be paid in full. Anyone submitting a part payment will not be considered a current member and will not be issued with a card until full payment is received. Membership fees cannot be prorated to less than six months.

M/ship Cards: All cards are made upon receipt of payment and those that are paid via mail will be written up into a logbook that is kept by security at the front gate. Family membership receives two cards, one for either spouse. On collection of the cards by the gate, the member must sign for receiving them. The practice of mailing cards is not encouraged except to Honorary Members. Reason: To try to encourage members to come to the club!

Resignation: Members must resign ideally within the first month or two from the beginning of the financial year. If they resign later than this, they should pay the first half year’s outstanding membership dues. On re-application for membership, an application form will again need to be filled out and approval will only be granted if there were no outstanding fees on resignation, or these fees are cleared on re­application. The joining fee is again applicable.

Termination: Members are terminated after one year of delinquent membership and their names struck off the list of membership with notification by letter. A member may not introduce as a guest any person who has been struck off the list. Such a member will not be able to rejoin until settlement of outstanding dues. Initiative can be used.

Suspension:  A member may choose to suspend (freeze) his/her membership at any time by way of letter. Similar to resignation, this must be done within the first two months of the financial year. Any later notice will mean the member must pay the first half year’s membership and suspension will begin after this period.

A member cannot resign or suspend his/her membership, nor can his/her membership be terminated if he/she is storing a yacht or dinghy at TTSA’s facilities. One years Membership is mandatory for storage of a yacht or dinghy, even if stored for only part of the financial year.

A security gate check is performed at least three times a year to check on delinquent member and non­members using the facility. This first gate check is usually done for the first sponsored race of the racing season. The second will be done one month after and the third again one month after. All applications and outstanding membership dues are to be followed up with numerous phone calls and statements.

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