General Manager – Michelle Kong

Sailing Administrator I (Front desk) – Candice Ellis

Management committee:

President – Peter Knox

Vice President – Evelyn Murphy-Pouchet

Treasurer – Edward Kacal

Secretary – James Arrindell

Officers: Lester Nicholas, Wade Hamilton, Ronald Singh, Adam Da Costa, Mark Chapman, Dr. Richard Hoford, Roger Watts


  • Finance: Eddie(EK), Chappo(MC), Peter(PK), Michelle(MK)
  • Dinghy/Sailing School: Lester(LN), James(JA), Peter(PK), Michelle(MK), Earl Tobias
  • Big boat racing: Adam(ADC), Dr. Hoford(RH), Wade(WH), Gregory Loe, Johnathan Kacal, Michelle(MK)
  • Mooring: Wade(WH), Lester(LN), Roger(RW), Dr. Hoford(RH), Brian Sellier, Damian DaCosta, Nicholas Charbonne, Michelle(MK)
  • Office/HR: Evelyn(EMP), Eddie(EK), Paulene Leighton, Michelle(MK)
  • Bar: Peter(PK), Eddie (EK), Michelle(MK)
  • Infrastructure: Eddie(EK), Peter(PK), Chappo(MC), Michelle(MK)
  • Website / Social Media: Andrew Proudfoot, Evelyn(EMP), Michelle(MK)
  • Security: Lester(LN), Peter(PK), Michelle(MK)
  • Legal: Peter(PK), Evelyn(EMP), Ronald(RS), Michelle(MK)

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