1. The Association admission process does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, sex, religion, national or ethnic origin or sexual orientation.
  2. In these “Terms and conditions”, the following terms shall have the meanings as specified below.
    1. “TTYA” will refer to Trinidad and Tobago Yachting Association.
    2. “Owner” shall include a charterer, master, agent, or any other person for the time being lawfully in charge of the vessel.
    3. “Vessel” shall mean the vessel more particularly described and includes its gear and equipment.
  3. TTYA shall not be liable for any loss or damage to any vessel in the mooring field, onshore, in the haul out yard and/or in any vicinity throughout the association.
  4. TTYA does not accept responsibility for any fluctuations in or any irregular power supply to the TTYA premises or any resulting damage to the vessel or the owner’s property or person, which may be caused by such power supply.
  5. TTYA undertakes to use all reasonable care in the performance of its obligations under this Contract. (membership application)
  6. TTYA shall not be liable for loss or damage to the Vessel and in no circumstances, whatsoever, shall TTYA be liable for loss of profit or loss of use.
  7. All Vessels shall at all times be adequately insured by the owners against all risks including third party claims. Evidence of insurance may be requested.
  8. The Vessel while moored or stored on the premises of TTYA is not permitted to be used as a base for or in any way connected with any profit-making activity whatsoever.
  9. Any damage caused to the environment and/or property by spillage of oil or otherwise caused by the acts or omissions of the owner or his crew shall be the responsibility of the owner and all costs associated with clean-up will be to the owner’s account.
  10. In the event that there is a change in the address of the owner from that set out on page 1 of this Contract, the owner shall promptly notify TTYA of his new address. TTYA reserves the right to terminate the hire of any moorings, berth, storage space, property or facilities by giving notice in writing to the address provided by the owner.
  11. The owner shall:
    1. Comply with and observe all instructions and regulations laid down by the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.
    2. Comply with and observe all Rules and Regulations laid down by Trinidad & Tobago Yachting Association (attached).
    3. Navigate the Vessel at speeds not likely to endanger the safety of another craft.
    4. Follow berthing instructions issued by TTYA.
    5. Not loan or transfer any mooring allotted to him without the prior written consent of TTYA.
    6. Store all items below deck including outboard engines, gas tanks, fenders, life rafts etc. TTYA will not be held responsible for any unauthorized removal of items.
  12. All persons using any part of the premises and/or facilities at TTYA for whatever purpose and whether by invitation of otherwise do so at their own risk.
  13. Any representative of the owner shall only be recognized by TTYA if he is authorized in writing by the owner to represent the owner and settle on his behalf all outstanding bills.
  14. All facilities in TTYA are for use by members, members’ guests and those given authority by the Management of TTYA.
  15. Members are permitted to introduce guests to the premises and facilities of the Association’s Sailing Centre. However, any guest or Crew resident in Trinidad and Tobago visiting the Sailing Centre more than three times in the course of a calendar year should be required to apply for membership of the Association. Every member introducing a guest will be required to sign-in their guest’s name and address prior to entry and use of the facilities. A member shall not introduce as a guest to the Sailing Centre any person who has been struck off the list of members or whose presence shall be considered objectionable.
  16. No member should invite a non-member group of considerable size without first seeking permission from the Manager.
  17. Pool parties must be arranged with the office in advance and stipulated restrictions must be adhered. All children under the age of eighteen must be under the supervision of an adult at all times while they are using the pool.
  18. Paper and other items to be discarded should always be put into a garbage bin and bottles into empty cases provided for this purpose. Garbage from yachts must be discarded in the dumpster outside not in bins within the compound.
  19. Jumping, diving, fishing, playing or climbing off the jetty or the yachts on the moorings or at anchor is not permitted.
  20. Interference with the Association’s dinghies and or boats is strictly prohibited.
  21. Children should be supervised at all times.
  22. Members shall not bring food or drink on to the premises for consumption on shore.
  23. No cars are permitted to park within the precincts of TTYA unless boat owners are on their yachts overnight or longer or working on their boats. Vehicles allowed in the compound must follow security directives for parking.  Parking of vehicles for longer than five days must obtain approval from the office or manager. Only members are permitted to park in the confides of the association.  Please ensure your vehicle is affixed with your TTYA sticker to identify same for security.
  24. All members and guests must abide by the opening hours of the pool posted by the management of the TTYA.
  25. Neither the TTYA nor any of their members or agents accepts responsibility for the loss of life injury or other damage on the premises. TTYA is not responsible for any losses or damages up to and including Acts of God.
  26. Cats and dogs on the premises must be on a leash or in a carrier at all times. Owners are reminded to clean up after their respective animal. Please note owners are liable for their animal.  The above is applicable only to animals on the premises for a short-term basis and not subject to quarantine. Dogs on the dangerous dogs list are prohibited from the TTYA compound.
  27. Yacht Owners shall make bookings to outhaul DIRECTLY TO THE OFFICE and should book well in advance for outhauls in the busy season (June – December). Fees shall be paid in full PRIOR to launching. Yacht owners shall ensure that the area around their yachts while on land shall be kept clean and tidy. All garbage shall be removed and placed in the bins provided or in the dumpster in the car park. When masts are removed, they shall be stored in such a manner that they will not affect the proper operation of the outhaul yard.
  28. Transfer / sale of a vessel on a TTYA mooring can only be transferred to another TTYA member in good standing. If a boat is to be sold to a non-member, the boat must first vacate the mooring field having paid all fees due. The new owner must apply for Membership and then after approval, sign and fill out all forms before the boat can be allowed in the mooring field. A non-member can only stay in the anchorage field as a Visiting Yacht and pay anchorage fees prior to any transfer of ownership. To allow the transfer, the necessary transfer form must be completed and supplied to the TTYA office. The location of a boat’s mooring is controlled by the Management Committee and berths / locations are not transferable.
  29. The boat owner acknowledges that TTYA aims towards an environmentally clean Association and as such will not do anything that could harm, or potentially harm the environment. The boat owner agrees to indemnify TTYA in the event of any costs or penalties incurred by TTYA as a result of pollution emanating from or associated with the vessel.


  1. Invoices for services are issued monthly/quarterly at the beginning of every month/quarter and are payable within 7 days. In the event that the Owner fails to pay any or all outstanding fees within three (3) months of issuance of the invoice and/or in the event of non-payment of outstanding bills by the owner for a period of three (3) months, the vessel will be deemed to have been abandoned by the owner in favor of TTYA and TTYA shall have the right and is hereby authorized by the owner to dispose of the vessel as TTYA deems fit, without any liability to the owner.
  2. Invoices are prepared on the first working day of each month/quarter and should be settled within 7 days. Unpaid invoices are subject to a 5% finance charge, which is applied monthly.  This charge will continue to accrue until all balances are settled in full.
  3. Any representative of the owner shall only be recognised by TTYA if he is authorised in writing by the owner to represent the owner and settle on his behalf all outstanding bills.


  1. Yachts are allowed to remain tied alongside the jetties overnight. Permission can be sought from the office in unusual circumstance. A fee of TTD $100.00 (VI) will be charged for all overnight stays, for every additional night the yacht remains alongside the fee shall be increased by TTD $100.00 per night to a maximum of TTD $500 per night and will remain at this level for each subsequent night after the 5th night. Overnight jetty charges will be incurred if a vessel has remained alongside at any time between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
  2. The jetties are not to be used for extensive boat repairs. All such repairs are to be carried out in the outhaul yard. The owner undertakes to ensure that all repairs and work are done in a safe manner and does not create any danger, harm or nuisance to the TTYA members, invitees and/or owners of other boats stored on or moored alongside TTYA premises in particular that: –  No Sandblasting is carried out.  No machinery or equipment is used at any time which in the TTYA’s sole opinion produces noise that is excessive.
  3. No painting, treatment or any other procedure is used which produces such vapors, fumes, odors or emissions which in TTYA’s sole opinion is undesirable
  4. TTYA shall have the right to move, moor, or rebirth the Vessel if in the opinion of TTYA it is necessary.


  1. The moorings are under the control of the Management Committee and are subject to increase at the discretion of the management committee.
  2. The mooring allocation fee of TTD $7500.00 is payable in advance for all new member allocations of moorings subject to increase at the discretion of the management committee.
  3. Moorings are leased from TTYA and cannot be sold, transferred, or disposed of in any manner whatsoever.
  4. It is the duty of every owner of a boat to ensure that mooring ropes, plastic chafe hose, floats etc., are in order. If there is wear or any problems with these, they must be reported TO THE OFFICE OR MANAGER by email or in writing or by telephone immediately.
  5. Yacht owners will be charged for repairing damaged moorings lines caused by their negligence, e.g., Lines broken due to chafing owing to a lack of anti-chafing plastic or dropping of safety lines.
  6. Yacht owners should advise the office or manager in writing or by email prior to leaving the moorings for an extended period of more than 5 days.
  7. TTYA shall have the right to move, moor, or rebirth the Vessel if in the opinion of TTYA it is necessary.
  8. To note owners of yachts on anchor, not paying monthly anchorage fees, not on a TTYA mooring and not a member of the Association, shall not have access to the premises at any time.


  1. Dinghies stored in racks must be returned to their rack when not in use.
  2. The trailers provided by the association for the racked dinghies shall only be used to transport boats to and from the water. Boats using these trailers shall not be left for any length of time on the trailers.
  3. Trailers, when not in use, shall be returned to their designated parking areas.
  4. All dinghy sailors must wear life jackets while on the water.
  5. Dinghies should not be left parked on the slipway or no parking zones.
  6. Dinghy owners must ensure that all equipment and accessories, if left at the TTYA, are properly numbered and locked into racks. TTYA will not be held liable for any loss of equipment
  7. All boats parked on shore must be placed on well-constructed operational trailers at all times. Dinghies that are stored in racks are the only exception to this rule.


  1. The tenders are used primarily for carrying boat owners, crew, gear, etc., to and from their boats. Only designated boatmen should operate tenders.
  2. Any member who operates the tender owing to unforeseen circumstances or outside of normal operating hours must be prepared to hold themselves responsible for the well-being of the tender, its engine and equipment. They must ensure that the tender is properly secured to the jetty after use by them.


  1. Whilst the team are there to assist whereas possible at no time are staff authorized to bring a yacht/boat alongside without the owner present. Any personal arrangements to do same must be outside of the staff working hours and is at the owner’s risk and subject to written communication, prior to the event, to be sent to TTYA.


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