Paul Amon aka “English” – Inducted 2013

 In Hall of Fame

Paul Amon arrived in Trinidad in 1983 and joined TTSA the same year. Over thirty years since then, he has continued to contribute to Trinidad sailing on many fronts. He is an internationally recognised builder of quality racing boats who has single handedly put Trinidad on the map as a sailboat building location, a feat recognised by the receipt of the Rookie Exporter of the year Award in 1996. More than that, though he is acknowledged as one of the top Caribbean racing yachtsmen of his generation, having won every Regatta of note in the West Indies, he has also contributed fully to TTSA not only as an avid racer but also as a Committee Member, by encouraging and guiding the Association’s young sailors when they stepped up from dinghy racing to keelboats.

The Boat Builder

  • The Boat born in his garden that led to everything else – Henderson 35 Crash test Dummies
  • Set up SOCA Sailboats Limited in 1995 and built:
  • 30 – Henderson 30s Sailing world “Boat of the Year”
  • 14 – LS 10s – an updated version of the Tartan 10
  • 12 – MR15 Dinghies designed for Soca by Phil Morrison
  • 5 sets – Carbon spars for Hunter Sailboats flagship the HC50
  • Patents: VAPA rudder system and CRO engine system
  • Reichel Pugh 43 Storm, class winner in Key West 2004
  • 120 – Melges 17 Scow and 23 – Melges Xboats

The Sailor

  • As crew – Rocket Rule 3 Legacy, Storm, Slippery and Dingolay
  • As owner/driver – Hooligan, Soca, Trini Soca, Drunken Monkey
  • As driver – Crash Test Dummies, Guardian Star. Crash Test II

The Club Man

  • Committee Member
  • Rebuilt 20 of the old TTSA Lasers and refurbished the 420 fleet
  • Modified numerous boats owned by TTSA members
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