Robert Levorsen – Inducted 2012

 In Hall of Fame

Born in the USA in 1922, Bob obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Geology, joining the Army Air corps to be trained in Meteorology, going on to obtain his masters at UCLA after demobilisation.

Having worked with CHEVERON as a Field Geologist, he moved to Trinidad in the early 1950’s to be in charge of Dominion Oil’s largely ineffectual exploration activities on land and in the Gulf of Paria and after about 9 years he was transferred to Bolivia. While in Trinidad he bought the 1935 vintage “Girl Pat”, initiating the race of that name with the Southern Caribbean’s first ever interisland contest for power or sail. In his time here, he immersed himself in the local sailing scene, was elected Chairman of the Trinidad Yacht Racing Association, then based at the Trinidad Yacht Club, The TTYRA, formed in 1953/5, was the obvious precursor of the TTSA, so Bob, along with other stalwarts still alive, was a key figure in its heritage.

Apart from participating in local racing, Bob gave generously of both time and money, in 1959 he funded travel for two persons to the 3rd Pan-Am Games in Chicago. Bettering that gesture, he financed a Flying Dutchman for the Trinidad team to the Tokyo Olympics, persuading the US Navy to transport it to the games, as well as covering his own expenses as team manager. Other donations involved the gift of a solid silver trophy for the “Girl Pat” race, funding of a “Mirror Dinghy” kit for the Sailing School and the presentation of “Girl Pat” to the San Fernando Sea Scouts. From the sixties on, Bob frequently used his vacations to return to Trinidad to take part in the local and regional regattas and in 1984 joined Rawle Barrow in ownership of “Petit Careme” which they sold in 2011. In retirement, in his 10th decade, Bob now lives near San Francisco, still able to pass on his memories of a lively career to our officers. A gentleman well deserving of his Honorary membership.

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